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All of Your Moving Questions Answered

Here you may find answers to some of the most frequently asked moving questions we hear from potential customers. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for fast answers to your moving questions!
What areas do you service?

We currently provide relocation service only to the following local areas: Fort Walton Beach Florida, Destin Florida, San Destin Florida, Crestview Florida, Milton Florida, Navarre Florida, Freeport Florida, Pensacola Florida, Gulf Breeze Florida, Emerald Coast, Northwest Florida Panhandle, Okaloosa County Florida, Walton County Florida and Santa Rosa County Florida.
How can I save money on my move?

If you pack your boxes, label them, that way when boxes are off loaded you and the packers will save time knowing where to put them. If moving to a new residence, scan the rooms and make a written or mental note of where your boxes and furniture will be placed. Our rates are hourly so time is money.
Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are licensed and insured for moving household goods.
Are you DOT licensed in the State of Florida?

Yes, we are licensed with the Florida department of transportation.
Will you take care of my furniture and belongings?

Yes, we will move, protect and properly secure your furniture and belongings.
Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes, we have a two hour minimum charge. Most movers in the area have a two and a half hour minimum. There are exceptions, ie, delivery or if we are already in your area on another job. Give us a call for more details.
What could make a move job take longer to do?

If you are moving from a single level home to a multi-level, tight stair wells in which furniture is pressed in tight quarters. Long Carry can be expected at places such as condominiums where you have to park in the street and carry furniture through a basement and onto an elevator. Elevators will only hold so much so figure in additional time. Also if tree branches prevent the truck from being close to the house and we have to park in the street it could cause the job to take longer.
Do you offer commercial rates for businesses?

Yes, we offer commercial rates for businesses. Call us for more details.
Do you have ramps or stairs for entrances or residential or businesses?

Yes we do. We ask that you watch for the ramps and traffic cones and keep the area clear for the movers to have easy access to move your belongings.
Is there a need to unload my bedroom dressers?

If dressers are well made we can shrink wrap the drawers closed and move them. Use good judgement, based on quality of the furniture moved. If you're unsure, please unload them. We will still shrink wrap to protect drawers and put moving blankets on them while in the truck.
Will you take apart the beds and reassemble?

Yes, if you are on a budget and want to disassemble and reassemble the beds at your new location that is entirely up to you. Some beds are heavy and difficult. If you have never attempted this please leave it to the professionals.
Since you are paid by the hour how do I know you are not going to take your time?

You will be pleasantly surprised with how fast and efficient our workers are while making sure your household goods are taken care of. From packing to unloading to set up. We want your business and repeat business. We want you to tell your friends how courteous, fast and efficient we are.
What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash and check with the customers name and address printed on the front of the check. Soon we will offer the acceptance of debit and credit card transactions.
Do you unload and load rental trucks?

Yes we do. We will load or unload your rental truck for you from a business, residence or storage unit. We are only a phone call away. A travel charge could be added if you are located outside our moving area. Ex: if it takes an hour to drive to your location a partial travel charge will be added to cover for the time it takes to get to your location.
Will you make an emergency move?

Yes we will, based on our schedule. Trust me, we have helped numerous people when their movers did not call or show up. We know this can be very stressful and we are here to help. They also found out we were cheaper in cost than the No Show Movers. We always feel good when we are able to help someone in this situation. We do not overbook jobs. When you set up with us we are firm to our commitment to be there on time to move.
What happens if it is raining the day of our move?

You have the choice to reschedule your move or you can move on that date. We will do everything we can to protect your items but 5 Star Movers LLC cannot be held liable for water damages to items due to rain. We have been very successful with shrink wrapping. The choice is up to you.
Do you hook up hardwired electrical or gas lines?

We do not hook up hardwired electrical. We do not replace dryer cords. Only qualified gas personnel can hook up your gas lines to your stove or dryer.
Do you hang pictures or television mounts?

We do not hang pictures nail or screw into walls.
My shelves and TV stand are made of particle board should I disassemble to move it?

Absolutely, there is a reason it came in a box. Disassembling and reassembling these items will make sure it moves safely. It is totally up to you.
What is your commitment to me as a customer?

Our commitment to our customers is we show up on time and if we are going to be a few minutes late which is extremely rare, we will call you before we are scheduled to arrive and keep communication open with you throughout the move. We will show up in appropriate attire. Our vehicle will be clean. We will show up with a positive attitude, work hard and get you moved as fast and as safe as possible. Our equipment is state of the art and our vehicles have been DOT inspected to insure safety over the road to your destination.